Matt Villanueva

Matt Villanueva

-A little bit about myself-

I love taking things apart and putting it back together, often times trying to create something better than what I started with. I went to school for Civil Engineering and I am currently a full time Professional Transportation Engineer. I design everyday things like highways, ramps, and interchanges. Being an engineer forces me to design within specific standards, stay between the lines, and focus on all the little details that most would overlook. 

Photography is a perfect blend of my detail and technical skills as an engineer and my creative, artistic self. My love for photography really took off about 3 years ago. At first, I challenged myself to learn and recreate difficult shots I would see in the media and in prints. With support from family and friends, I began doing photo sessions for more hands-on experience and to build my portfolio. I have always jumped at every chance I could get to help other photographers in the wedding industry, whether its being a 2nd shooter, 3rd shooter or even just an assistant. Working with other well-known photographers has been very rewarding and beneficial in helping me build my own unique style. 

My ultimate goal is to make sure I deliver a story telling collection of images for all my clients so you can look back and reexperience your precious moments over and over again. I take pride in being able to capture the true beauty that lies behind each and every click of the shutter.  The ability to pause a moment in time , when everything is where it's suppose to be, to me is priceless.

I love creating memories that live on forever and help slow things down, one shot at a time.